cookie dough / popcorn

Each year the Coronado Mustang baseball players sell cookie dough and popcorn to help raise funds for uniforms, shoes and other baseball apparel. This fundraiser is one of our most popular among families and friends. with a broad selection of cookie dough and popcorn to choose from, it never fails to satisfy during the holidays.

**The Cookie Dough and Popcorn Fundraiser is complete!**
Thank you to everyone that supported us through this fundraiser….we raised money that will directly benefit all three of our CHS baseball teams

long ball hitting contest

One of the ways the Coronado Baseball Program raises funds is through their Long Ball Hitting Contest. The money raised from this event supplements the teams’ travel expenses, is used for field maintenance and upgrades, and helps cover costs necessary in operating a first class high school athletic program. Each player asks their friends, family, neighbors, and fans of Coronado Baseball for their support. They can make this donation in the name of their favorite Mustang baseball player.

For more information on the long ball contest, you may contact Coach Hix.

Thank you for choosing to help our program.